Summer School Web Links

Great Sites:


          Kids' Planet - Thanks Ms. Sietsma!

          Science Kids - Animal Facts

          BBC School Radio - Audio Resources for Primary Schools

Week 1 - Bird Sounds

         eNature Bird Songs - 550 recorded North American bird calls

          All About Birds  - The Cornell Lab of Ornithology (Thank you, Mrs. V.!)

Week 2 - Night Sounds

         Natural Sounds and Night Skies - National Park Service

          Who Am I? Guess the Night Animal Sounds

          The following are from Mrs. Macias:

          Hark - Nighttime Sound Clips

          Nature Pods Nighttime Noises Revealed

          Soundbible Nighttime Sounds

 Week 3 - Weather Sounds

       Free Nature and Weather Sound Free Sound Effects

         BBC School Radio Weather Audio - Weather sound games for young children

         Hark Weather Sounds

         Weather Ideas and Lessons - for teachers

         Weather Wiz Kids

         English for Kids - Weather Topic

Week 4 - Creature Sounds

         Seaworld - Animal Sounds

         Partners in Rhyme: Big Cat Sounds - links to other animal sounds

         Kids Front - Match Animals & Sounds (If it doesn't load, click URL again or refresh site.)