Welcome to Wellness!



Remember each day you should be active and raise that heart rate for 60 minutes!!! Activity could be playing soccer, jumping rope, riding your bike or going for a walk with your family!!!

 Sometimes you just need a little reminder of ways to improve your family''s eating and activity habits.  It doesn't have to be drastic!! In fact, smaller steps are easier to follow and incorporate in to your family's routine!  Try to make some healthy choices when eating and snacking! Instead of choosing ice cream, candy or chips, try eating some fresh veggies, fresh fruit, string cheese or even yogurt!  

Make a shopping list of all the foods you need and have your kids help!

Try to stick to the perimeter of the grocery store when shopping!  Dairy, fruits, vegetables and meats are all on the perimeter, the aisles are where less than healthy choices are shelved!  Read those food labels!

Have each family member set one healthy goal! Then make a chart for your fridge where you can all track your progress! 

Even though we are all busy, try to still make healthy choices when you are on the run! Panera is a much healthier choice than McDonalds!

Teach kids to eat slowly and savor their food.  

Kids learn from their parents' habits.  Be a great role model for healthy eating!

Some websites to go to for wellness:

  • www.sparkpeople.com
  • www.heart.org
  • www.kidshealth.org
  • www.nourishinteractive.com

Some tips for getting children moving:

  1.  Set a timer to remind kids to take an activity break from the computer or video games after 20 minutes!
  2. Set aside time everyday for daily activity.  Make it a part of your family's routine.
  3. Children need 60 minutes a day for activity.
  4. After a big meal take a family walk!
  5. Make the backyard or front yard in to an obstacle course and have a family race!
  6. Commercials offer a great opportunity to be active.  Have kids do sit ups, push ups, or jumping jacks during them.
  7. Playing catch with your child is a fun activity and teaches eye to hand coordination.
  8. Promote activity rather than exercise to kids.  Playing tag or hid-n-seek is an example of activity.
  9. Bowling is a great family activity that gets one moving!
  10. Celebrate success with fun activities instead of food or TV time!