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2016-2017 Schedule Mrs. Seymour's 2nd grade 

Opening 8:50-8:55 Bellwork begins when students enter the classroom & should end promptly at 8:55 a.m

Writing 9:00-9:55 Whole Group- Minilesson (5-20 min.) Individual/Small Group (differentiated)- student writing/conferencing (35-45 min.) Whole Group- sharing (5-10 min.) 60 min. total

Math 9:55-11:30 Small Group intervention/ extension (35 min.) 95 min. total

Science/Social Studies 11:30-12:15 Alternate weeks between Science & S.S. 45 min. total

Lunch 12:20-12:50, 15 min. recess before lunch

Specials 1:00-1:50

Reading 1:50-4:00 Whole Group- Comprehension/Vocabulary (25 min.) Whole Group/Small Group- Word Work (25 min.) Small Group Instruction- guided/differentiated (80 min.) 130 min. total

Closing 4:00-4:05 Write Homework in their Agendas. Prepare for dismissal

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