Welcome! My name is Mrs. Stirewalt and this will be my second year here at Gomez Heritage Elementary School. I am from Omaha, NE and currently live in Bellevue! I have a dog that loves to go on walks with me. I love teaching writing and social studies. 

This year we are representing the University of Nebraska-Lincoln! On Fridays we will be wearing red to show our college!

Here is the website for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln:


Bachelor of Science in Education 2014 

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Master of Education in Improvement of Instruction 2016 University of Nebraska-Omaha


Regular Schedule:

8:55-9:10 Bellwork and Announcements

9:10-9:55 Writing

9:55-10:55 Math Group 1 Science group 1

10:55 Switch groups

11:00-12 Math Group 2 Science group 2

12-12:15 Recess

12:20-12:50 Lunch

1-1:50 Specials

1:50-4:00 Reading Block

4:00-4:05 Dismissal

Specials Schedule:

Cycle day 1: Counselor

Cycle day 2: Library

Cycle day 3: Music/P.E.

Cycle day 4: Art

Cycle day 5: Music/P.E.

Cycle day 6: Technology

Cycle day 7: Library

Cycle day 8: Music/P.E.

Cycle day 9: Art

Cycle day 10: Music/P.E.

Staff Member

Mrs. Stirewalt

Contact Info


(402) 898-2801