Welcome to the Gomez Heritage Counselor's Web Page


Welcome to the Guidance and Counseling Department

of Edward “Babe” Gomez Heritage Elementary School.


My name is Mrs. Jeannine Ascherl and I am one of two school counselors here at Gomez Heritage.

Vision: School counselors are advocates, collaborating with students, school staff, families and community resources to empower all students to reach their highest potential.


The mission of the Omaha Public Schools strengths-based school counseling program is to support academic success and preparation for post-secondary opportunities for all students



1. Every student will be provided the nurturing relationships and personal support needed to achieve social competence and academic success.

2. Every student will be empowered to gain the attitudes, knowledge and skills necessary for lifelong academic, career, and personal success.



The counseling program has four components:


*A Guidance Curriculum that is delivered to all students and emphasizes personal, occupational and academic skill-building through classroom presentations.


*Individual Student Planning that helps students plan for their future, set goals, manage conflict, prepare for learning beyond high school, strengthen academic skills and more.


*Response Services that provide support for issues of immedidate concern to the students and their families.


*System Support that recognizes the school counselor as part of the school team and supports the other three components.



As a School Counselor, I work with the students in three ways:


Classroom Group Guidance lessons are taught in all grades.  The curriculum is centered around three domains: academic/educational, career/occupational and social/emotional. 


Small groups are available for students in all grades.  Small group topics may include anger, coping skills, developmental assets, family changes, friendship, grief and loss, self-esteem, and study skills. 


Individual counseling is available for students.  Students can self-request to visit with me.  Parents and teachers can also request that I visit with their student. 



Please let me know if you have questions or concerns regarding your child.  I am here to help.


My contact information is:




402-898-2801   Ext. 1011 (with voice mail available)


I look forward to working with you.

Staff Member

Mrs. Aschrel