Guidelines for physical activity are 60 minutes a day most days a week.

Ways to encourage your children into a healthy lifestyle are:

1. Set a good example--if you want your kids to be active, you need to get active.
       a. Take the stairs instead of the elevator
       b. Park the car farther away from the store or mall
       c. Look for ways to get in a few short walks everyday, even just ten minutes of walking helps your fitness.

2. Limit screen time
       a. Limit the number of hours your children watch t.v., are on the computer, or play video games

3. Establish a routine
       a. Set time aside each day for physical activity.  If you have a set time to be active you are more likely to stick to it

4. Enlist the family
       a. Pick an active daily habit that everyone can do
       b. Get a tape or CD and work out to music that motivates you
       c. Walk each night after dinner--turn activity time into family time

5. Promote activity, not exercise
       a. Be silly--let the younger children see how much fun they can have while still being active.
             1. Walk like a spider
             2. Hop like a bunny
             3. Stretch like a cat
       b. Get in the game
             1. Play catch
             2. Play tag
             3. Dance
       c. Do your chores
             1. Vaccuum
             2. Mow the lawn
             3. Rake the leaves  
             4. Make the beds
             5. Do the laundry.