..Gomez Heritage Elementary PK - 4

5101 S. 17th Street, Omaha, NE  68107

Phone (531) 299-1520

Fax (531) 299-1538

Nurse Fax (531) 299-1539


Rocky Parkert

Email: rocky.parkert@ops.org
P: 531-299-1520

Student Mission Statement

I am here to learn.
I work with others as a team.
I am responsible for my learning and my behavior.
I do my best!

  • Important dates for back to school
    ➡️ Kinder Cub Night / Kinder Cub Night - (Kindergarten only)
    Wednesday, Aug 10th
    ➡️ Back to school Night/Safe Walk
    *Meet the Teachers (Grades 1-5)
    Thursday, Aug. 11
    5:30 - 7:30 (meet the teacher 6-7 in classroom)
    💙First day of school:
    Kinder - 5th: Wednesday, Aug. 17
    💛 Early Childhood Special Ed starts Monday, August 22nd and all other Early Childhood starts Tuesday, August 23rd.***
    Special Education Prekinder begins Monday, August 22nd and Regular Prekinder begins Tuesday, August 23rd
    TOMORROW AT 11 AM – 5 PM 8-11-22

    Support Staff Interview Fair

    810 Pine St, Omaha, NE 68108-3639, United States interview fair 


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