Gomez Heritage Elementary


Edward "Babe" Gomez Heritage Elementary School is located at 5101 S. 17th St.  It is in the southeast area of the Omaha Public School District and opened on August 25, 2004. The school was named in honor of Edward "Babe" Gomez, a Korean War hero from this South Omaha community. The Heritage name was included to honor all ethnic groups who have settled and thrived in this neighborhood since the late 1800's. This school utilizes up-to-date technology, including three specialized Technology Discovery Centers, as well as a geothermal well field and natural daylight to provide state-of-the-art teaching facilities.

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Gomez Heritage
5101 South 17th Street
Omaha, NE 68107

Phone: (402) 898-2801
Fax: (402) 898-1854


  Mr. Campin, Principal
Email: john.campin@ops.org
 Ms. Kastrup, Assistant Principal
Email: leah.kastrup@ops.org


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